Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Doing the Low carb thing....

Foodieboy has become "foodieboy, the extended version" .... so I decided to do the Low Carb thing... in order to loose a bit .... am tired of my yoga looking like this

As I am a big fan of the Danish author "Niels Ehlers" who has taken the Low carb craze and transformed it into a workable thing, explaining why it is so bad to have a yo-yo blood sugar and how to keep it stable using the Glycemic Index as a guide line. Niels Ehlers book is in Danish and called "Spis fedt, bliv tynd".

I do however miss bread!!! I just have a hard time not eating bread in the morning and so I tried this recipe, that makes an amazing bread, almost like a typical danish rye bread, but way better and with no flour and no carbs. It is how quite expensive, however, but so worth it!

1 small books of cottage cheese
7-8 egg
1/2 dl oil
200 g Flaxseed
100 g bran (klid in Danish)
100 g sesame seeds
1/2 tea spoon salt
1 tea spoon baking powder

Mix cottage cheese and eggs, add the rest and mix well.
REMEMBER you must have baking paper in the bread pan or you will newer ever get it out!
bake 2 hours at 190 degrees and let cool for 5-6 hours before cutting!




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